2017-2018 Student Parking Sign Ups
All vacant spots have now been filled. You may still sign up, however you will not have to pay until more spots become available after construction. Seniors still have priority in sign ups.

All Damien Memorial School students requesting to park on campus must sign up for and purchase a parking permit. Failure to provide a valid Damien permit will result in the towing of your vehicle. For the 2017-2018 school year, students will park in the adjacent lot (on the corner of Houghtailing St. and Kohou St.). All parking stalls in the main lot are reserved for Damien faculty and staff. Damien Memorial parking permits are non transferable.

Permit Fee:
$20 per quarter for parking in the adjacent lot.

The class of 2018 is given priority for purchasing student parking permits. Seniors may sign up on this form and bring their payment to the Deans' Office after their Orientation session on August 4th. Seniors can continue with payment for their permits after school on August 7th-9th.

If there are remaining spots, we will open up access for the class of 2019 to purchase. Juniors can submit their payments to the Deans' Office August 10th-11th.

This link will be closed when there are no spots remaining.

1. Fill out this form with all of the required information.

2. Bring your Drivers License, Registration, and Proof of Insurance to the Deans Office to get a copy made for our records.

3. Bring your payment in cash, money order, cashier's check, or personal check ($80 for the school year) made out to Damien Memorial School.

4. Receive permit placard and payment receipt.

Please email Elle Zieser (ezieser@damien.edu) with any questions.
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