Contribution to Our Rabbits' Funds
梅可 爱绘本
Thank you so much for lending a hand to our rescued rabbits. Your decision to contribute to their care will make a huge difference to our ability to provide for them. 100% of the funds we received will be used to support the medical care required by our rescued rabbits.

As Bunny Wonderland is a private rescue group and not registered as a charity, we are unable to issue receipts for tax rebate purposes. If you require proof of medical bill for the rabbit you sponsored, please let us know and we will share a copy with you.

Thank you so much for your trust and faith in us to help the animals.
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If below 16, please seek parental permission before completing this form.
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If you do not have preference on which rabbit to sponsor, please indicate 'No preference' and we will select a rabbit for you.
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If you wish to extend beyond the 6 or 12 months option, please choose 'Other' and indicate the number of months. Also, for one-time contribution, please choose 'Other' and indicate amount.
The following are our Bank Details to arrange for the contribution. *Please save before submitting*
Bank Name: DBS
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 015-030466-9
Account Holder: Fang Mee Foong
Branch code: 015

For monthly sponsorship, we recommend setting up a recurring transfer for your convenience. We receive bank statements once a month and will update you via SMS or Whatsapp to verify contribution.
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