Returning Camp Arevelk Counselor
- This form is only for counselors who have served as a counselor at Camp Arevelk in the past.
- Counselors have to be 18 years old and could not have been a camper in 2019
- Camp Director and/or Camp Chairperson may call each applicant after receiving the application to ask follow up questions.
- All counselors will need to fill out and send in the official Camp Arevelk medical forms
- Questions can be sent to the camp counselor committee and
First and Last Name *
Email Address *
Phone Number *
1. What are your spiritual gifts, how did you use these gifts as a counselor in previous years and how do you hope to use these gifts? *
2. What are your weaknesses and in what areas do you need further training, feedback and/or support. *
3. Please provide an example of a situation that you would handle differently this year than you did the last time you served as a counselor.
4. How has your faith strengthened over the last year? *
5. How have you continued to serve the Lord over the last year? *
6. Are you willing to sacrifice your time and privileges for the week of camp to dedicate yourself to your campers and obey the rules set for camp? *
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