Here on LGBTQIAP+, we love and accept every single one of our community members for who they are regardless of their sexuality, gender, ethnicity, race, education, and more. We stand on the principle that it's who you are on the inside that counts. And we will keep it like that.

The past week has been intense with an insane amount of unbelievably incredible voices around the platform trying to stand in solidarity with our brothers, sisters and siblings around the platform. LGBTQIAP+ has received so many messages and we've been tagged in posts on social media and on here about what's going on in the U.S.

With this, we'd like to join fellow Wattpad authors and Stars as we unite and show compassion for our Wattpad community.

If you are a black author on Wattpad, we'd love to showcase your work on a reading list! If you know a black author, please use this form to share their stories. Due to the amount of DMs and comments that we get from our posts and/or broadcast board, we ask that you send the links to these stories through this form only.
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