KHS Volunteer Hours: AT-HOME or OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL HOURS (when you did NOT check in at KHS Greeter Desk)
KHS PTSA is collecting ALL KHS-related volunteer hours (including those of students and teachers serving outside school hours and job description). The purpose is to help the district earn grant money from large corporations. You do not have to be a PTSA member to report hours. KHS can also win an award / funding for a project.

Please use this form to report "extra" KHS-related volunteer hours you work ANY TIME YOU DO NOT SIGN IN AT KHS GREETER DESK. (We already have those hours recorded.)

You may record these hours any time it is convenient for you up until the deadline for the contest (usually mid-April). Of course, it is best if you can record them monthly so you do not forget all the time you volunteered! You may continue to enter your hours after that time. They will still benefit the District but just will not be eligible to help KHS win the contest.

Some examples of volunteer hours:
*planning or attending booster club/committee meetings
*preparing club reports, scheduling volunteers, responding to club e-mails
*decorating locker rooms, making spirit posters or goody bags, hosting sports dinners
*selling tickets, merchandise or concessions as school events
*making costumes, designing programs or shirts, soliciting advertisements or sponsors
*attending planning meetings for Project Graduation or making decorations
*chaperoning school events, trips or competitions
*planning and decorating for banquets
*performing booster club officers/chairperson duties
*volunteering at KHS sports events, performances, fundraisers or concerts

An optional log to track your "extra" hours is here:

We tend to underestimate the time we spend on volunteer projects!

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Total all of your activities for this organization into a single number rounded to the nearest hour. DO NOT INCLUDE hours when you checked in at the KHS Greeter's Desk. If you volunteered for another organization and want to keep hours separate, please submit another form after submit this one.
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