St Vrain A Cappella Camp Registration - 2019
Please fill out all parts of the form - one form per camper. Some parts of the form require direct input from the student. Thanks, and we're looking forward to seeing you at camp!
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We'll be offering small group interest sessions throughout the week. Rate your interest level in each. (1 is not interested, 5 is very interested) *
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Vocal Percussion/Beatboxing
Vocal Jazz
Arranging a pop song by ear into an a cappella piece
Writing an original song
How to use online music writing software
Using technology to record a song
Get pointers on a piece you have prepared for an audition
Running sound for an A Cappella group
All State Choir prep
Starting your own a cappella group
If you could sing any well-known song(s) as an a cappella piece, what would it/they be? Write 1-3 songs. *
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Is the student interested in singing a cappella with other students during the school year one night a week? *
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