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>> Please be truthful in all your statements.
>> If you require any assistance, please PM a staff member via our discord or Teamspeak

After the completion of this form, you will be invited to a short interview in which we get to know you better, do a quick run over your application form and allow you the time to tell us in which branch you want to be deployed!

We are currently recruiting for [Y/N]:

[Y] 7AA 1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (regular infantry roles)
[N] 7AA 1st Aviation Squadron (rotary wing / fixed wing)
[Y] 7AA Fire Support Group (mortar, sniper team, static MG)
[Y] 7AA Close Support Corpsmen (Platoon medic, CLS, paramedic)
[Y] 7AA Signals Squadron (FAC)
[Y] 7AA Brigade Command (Branche CO, Curator (Zeus), Mission Leader)

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Dual Clanning is being part of two ArmA 3 units/clans/groups at once. The 7th Air Assault Brigade will not tolerate another unit interfering with your involvement in this unit.
I can meet the 7AA's requirement on no dual-clanning *
Our training sessions are on Sunday, 19:00 GMT. Our Operations are Tuesday and Thursday 18:30 GMT.
I will be able to attend at least 50% of the missions in a month (i.e. atleast 4) *
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