TiFf 2019 Participant Application
An application for participation in the first annual Tampa International Fringe Festival. Please note the following information and rules.

The fee for applying is $35.00 per show, and is non-refundable. For applicants applying PRIOR to November 15th, we will knock $10.00 off of that price as an early-bird incentive.

Application are open until December 7th, 2017, and festival participants will be drawn, by lottery, from the applicant pool on December 10th, 2018.

- In order to apply as a local, the applicants address must lie within a 30 mile radius of Ybor City, and the show can not be performed within this radius for 30 days before and after the festival.
- Locals who fall within this radius who applied unsuccessfully in 2018 have their application fee waived for 2019.
- Note that there is an additional box for Spanish language & diversity spots - two of each of these will be drawn at the beginning of the lottery and the spots will be removed from the general lottery by the locality of the artist.
- The WAITLIST will be created in order of timestamp of the applications. So while the lottery is still a lottery, it can pay off to apply early to be early on the waitlist.
- Payments for the 2019 Tampa Fringe will be issued by the day after the festival, by a check that can be picked up or mailed.
- This year shows are only guaranteed FIVE performances because of other initiatives we are taking to increase audiences at shows (like NO 6pm weekday shows! No one likes those...).

Only one application per company.
Applicants must pay the non refundable application fee after applying (and prior to the December 10th drawing ) by visiting http://www.tampafringe.org/performers/

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Show Name *
Show Genre
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Show Length
Show Requirements - Note, this does not mean we can guarantee supply/support these things.
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Show Special Needs
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