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When Auto Leagues are slow to fill, how would you feel if there were computer-controlled teams to allow leagues to start quicker? *
If there were CPU controlled teams, how important would it be that the CPU could trade? *
If CPU-controlled teams allowed for more types of Auto Leagues to be available, would that change your opinion? *
Would you be interested in CPU controlled teams being an option for Custom Leagues? *
Instead of CPU controlled teams, to help leagues start quicker would you prefer smaller leagues with fewer teams? *
How do you feel about the change from Range Factor to dWAR that took place early this year? *
Rank has been a controversial addition. How do you feel about it overall? *
How would you like to see Rank handled now? *
How important do you think it is to be able to see a player's rank? *
Which of these do you think is a good reason to keep Rank? Choose as many as you want: *
How do you currently feel about sim results. *
How would you feel about a time-limit on players being in Slump Buster in Auto Leagues? *
If you could magically have one change to the site, and only ONE, tell me what it would be.
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