SJPJC Micro-Grant Application
Thank you for your interest in our micro-grant program! The maximum grant is $200.

If your project is greater than this amount, please give us further information on how you will fund the project.
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1. Name of Community Group seeking a micro-grant for technology: *
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2. Where is your group based? *
This can be the city or region your group operates in.
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3. How has your group been impacted by the Shelter in Place order? *
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4. How much money does your group seek? *
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5. Describe what you are seeking the funds for. Include estimated costs for each item. *
Please cover what program or technology purchase(s) you wish to make; training opportunities, if any, etc..
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6. If the full amount of your project exceeds the amount of the grant, how will you fund the full costs? *
If your request is under $200, just use n/a.
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7. What goals do you have in purchasing or upgrading your technology through this grant? *
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8. Please describe your group's basic demographics. This is for internal evaluation purposes only. *
This question will help us apply for grants to continue to fund this program as we move forward.
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9. Do you have paid staff? *
Paid staff are employees who receive a W-2.
10. If you have paid staff, how many hours of work do you pay per week?
If you pay an hourly wage to people in your group, are you paying for more than 40 hours per week for any number of employees you might have.
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11. Do you have an established relationship with San José Peace and Justice Center? *
An established relationship is not mandatory. If you are interested in an ongoing relationship going forward, please reach out and let us know. ( or
12. If provided funding, do you agree to document and share how you used the funds? (Photos, short paragraph of explanation, etc.) *
Contact Email, if different
Please let us know the preferred email address if it is different from the initial one submitted.
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Contact telephone *
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Mailing Address *
This can be in c/o of personal address if the organization name is also listed.
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