DDGM Report Form
Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M., of Virginia. 4115 Nine Mile Road Richmond, Virginia 23223-4926
Grand Secretary, Alan W. Adkins, PGM 804-222-3110 grandsecretary@glova.org
District Deputy Grand Masters www.ddgm.vamasons.org
REV. E11-18
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DDGM Information:
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DDGM full name
Masonic District No. i.e. 3, 54, 1B
Lodge Information:
Lodge Name
Name only. Do not use "Lodge"
Lodge Number
i.e. 16, 22
Average attendance at meetings in the past 12 months?
Average length of meetings in the past 12 months? (Enter as minutes. i.e. 60, 90, 120 )
The number of fraternal visits (not the number of members) made to other Lodges by your Lodge in the last 12 months?
How many service projects did the Lodge sponsor in the past 12 months? (Meals on Wheels, hospital or doctor transportation, etc.) 0 if none
How many community events did the Lodge participate in over the past 12 months? (Sponsor a youth team in sports, 4-H program, scholarship at schools, etc.) 0 if none
PM *
Is the Worshipful Master a Past Master?
Repeating *
Is the Worshipful Master repeating from the immediate previous year?
Does the Lodge have a Lodge Instructor of Work?
Does the Lodge have a Lodge Educational Officer?
MaHoVa *
Does the Lodge have a Masonic Home Representative?
Does the Lodge have a Lodge Blood Coordinator?
Did the DEO make a planned visit to the Lodge and present a program for the meeting?
Budget *
Does the Lodge have a budget?
Budget Committee *
If so, is there a Budget committee in place?
Members Owe
How many members owe more than the current year’s dues? 0 if none
Personal Contact *
Has personal contact been made with the delinquent members by the Worshipful Master or Secretary?
Treasurer *
Are the Treasurer’s records up-to-date and do they balance with the audit report?
As required by IRS law, did the Lodge file Form 990-N, Form 990-EZ, or Form 990 last year?
Audit *
Was the Audit Committee Report available and did the committee sign it?
Trustees Report *
Was the Trustees' Report available and did the committee sign it?
Trustees Recorded *
Are the current Trustees recorded with the Circuit Court?
Building *
Does the Lodge own its building?
Condition *
What is the condition of the building?
Insurance *
Does the Lodge have Liability and Property Insurance on the facilities and furniture?
Confer *
Can the Lodge confer all degrees?
Lectures *
Can the Lodge deliver the lectures in all degrees?
Coaches *
Does the Lodge have an adequate number of Catechism Coaches?
Lecturer *
Does the Lodge utilize the DIW and/or Division Lecturer?
JW Degree of Past Master *
Did the Junior Warden receive the Degree of Past Master?
Location JW PM *
If the JW did receive his Degree of Past Master, where was it obtained at?
Date JW PM
Date the JW received the Degree of Past Master?
JW Previous Service *
If “no,” has the Junior Warden previously served as Worshipful Master?
SW Certificate *
Does the Senior Warden have a Certificate of Qualification?
SW Certificate Number
Senior Warden Certificate Number
JW Certificate *
Does the Junior Warden have a Certificate of Qualification?
JW Certificate Number
Junior Warden Certificate Number
Minutes Signed *
Are the minutes of the Lodge signed by the Worshipful Master and Secretary up to the last meeting?
Methodical Digest *
Does the Lodge have a current copy of the Methodical Digest?
List of Lodges *
Does the Lodge have a “List of Lodges Masonic”?
List of Lodges Year
If so, what year is it? (yyyy)
Compiled and Submitted by:
Compiled *
Compiled by: Secretary full name?
Compiled Date
Is there anything that you would like us to know?
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