2019 Midwest Regional SACNAS Conference: Pre-conference Survey
Thank you very much for attending the 2019 Midwest Regional SACNAS Conference! Please take a moment to answer the following survey questions to help us gain a more intimate understanding of who are attendees are.
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Demographic Information:
With what race/region/culture do you most closely identify with?
Are you from a Hispanic, Spanish, or Latinx group?
What is your gender identity?
What is your sexual orientation?
How often do you think about your identities in professional settings?
Not very often
All the time
Clear selection
How do you feel your identities impact your future success in STEM?
Professional and Academic Information:
What is the name of your current institution?
What is your position?
Clear selection
What is your scientific discipline?
What are your immediate and long term career plans?
Which of the following degree programs do you hope to enter?
About the Conference:
What do you hope to gain from this conference?
What skills do you hope to build here?
How helpful do you think are diversity focused research conferences?
Not helpful
Very helpful
Clear selection
Is diversity in STEM important to you? Why/ Why not?
Is there anything you would like to add?
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