TCS 2019-20 Transcript Requests
A new transcript request form is needed for EVERY college you apply to. Please note that you must request transcripts AT LEAST two full weeks in advance of any deadlines—earlier is better. Ms. Collins, Ms. Hatch, and Ms. Jones cannot guarantee last minute requests for transcripts to be sent to colleges or for scholarship applications.

You are responsible for knowing your deadlines and requesting transcripts to be sent in a timely manner.

If you have a deadline that will occur any time during the winter break: you must have this request submitted no later than December 10th! (Winter break goes from December 21, 2019 – January 4, 2020.)

Incomplete forms will result in transcripts not being sent. This means you MUST look up the address of the college, and include it when you fill out this form. Giving the college name alone is NOT enough, and requests without an address cannot be fulfilled.

Please only submit one school per request. Including multiple schools in a single form may result in transcripts not being sent to the proper place.
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Email Address: *
Please use your TCS email if you are a current TCS student.
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Phone Number with Area Code (e.g. 614-258-8588) *
In case there are any questions about your request, we need a current phone number where you can be reached.
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What year will you or did you graduate from TCS? *
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For what purpose is this transcript being requested? *
Please check the "Final Transcript Request" box below if this is your final college choice, and you are requesting your final official transcript to be mailed once it is completed with your graduation date. DO NOT check this box prior to April 2020.
College, University, or Scholarship Name
Please type out the full name (e.g. Ohio Dominican University, not ODU)
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Admission Office Mailing Address *
You must look up the proper mailing address where you want the transcripts sent, and include it here in order for a transcript to be sent. Without a proper mailing address including name, number, street, city, state and zip code, your transcript will not be mailed. If this request is for the Common App, just write "Common App" in the answer box.
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What is the deadline for this application? *
If there is no deadline, please say so. If there is a specific date, please provide that date.
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Do you plan to use a fee waiver for this application? *
Note: You must have qualified for an ACT or SAT fee waiver (probably because you're on Free or Reduced Lunch) in order to get an application fee waiver. You can only use FOUR college application fee waivers, so use them wisely. If you indicate that you want to use a waiver, you must see Mr. Rosenfield or Mrs. Wiedenhoft in order to sign the waiver before they can mail it.
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Please type your full name to confirm that you are requesting the transcript to be sent to the above named institution.
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