Job Interview & Teacher Interview Questions
Arrange the lesson sequence for Adult job interview course *
a.) The student is given 1 minute to think of his answer. b.) The teacher presents the question. c.) The student answers the question again, with an improved answer. d.) The teacher provides tips on how to answer the question appropriately. e.) The teacher gives feedback on the student’s answers and provides the necessary corrections. f.)The suggested answers from the book are read and/or discussed, including words that the student finds difficult. g.)The student answers the question in his own words, without looking at the book.
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Arrange the lesson sequence for Teacher Exam interview *
a.) Teacher guides the student in answering the questions for 1 minute each in sequence. b.) Let the student answer the questions freely. c.) Summarize the main lessons or points for the day. d.) Review the student’s performance. Give feedback and correct errors thoroughly and explicitly. Teacher has to address major if not all errors and weaknesses. e.) The teacher should show the slide for each question while giving the feedback and assessment to the students. Teacher could insert quick lessons focusing on one aspect of the English language. f.) Teacher should type or write on the web board his/her important comments and feedback based on the notes written on the slides. Teacher has to focus on fluency rather than accuracy. g.) The student is shown a picture and four (4) questions.
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