Pilgrim E-Safety Parent Survey 2020
At The Pilgrim School, we value your opinions. Could you please complete the following questions honestly so that we can support you and your children appropriately in the area of e-safety. All answers are anonymous.
I have a child/children in ... *
1. How often does your child use the Internet at home? *
2. Which type of device with access to the Internet does your child use at home? *
3. What does your child do online? Please tick as appropriate. *
4. Does your child have a social networking account? Please tick appropriate. *
5. Do you know the age rating and content of (online) games your son/daughter plays at home or elsewhere (e.g. at a friend’s house)? *
6. Do you know how to check your child's privacy settings on the devices they use online? *
7. The following is a small list of e-safety risks. If asked by your son/daughter, would you be able to explain clearly what they are? *
A little bit
Cyber bullying
Identity theft
Digital footprint
Inappropriate messaging
8. Has your child experienced any of the above risks?
9. Do you set and discuss Internet rules at home?
10. If you have a concern about anything online, do you know how to report it?
11. Which of the risks below do you consider your child to be the most exposed to. (1 - the least risky; 3 - the most risky) *
Accessing inappropriate content
Receiving/Sending inappropriate messages
Joining with pranks online
Playing age inappropriate games online
Excesive screen time
12. Are you aware of the e-safety for parents section on our school website? *
13. Is there anything specific you'd like to find out about e-safety? Please specify below.
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