Lunch Pass Application Requirements and Procedures- Spring 2020
~Along with this application students must turn in their signed Lunch Pass Requirements and Procedures on the day you pick up your sticker.

To qualify for a lunch pass, students must meet ALL of the following criteria and follow all procedures:

1. Students must be wearing their lanyards with school ID to leave campus and lanyards will be checked on their return.
2. Grade point average of at least 2.0 in the previous semester.
3. Fewer than 10 tardies/lates in the previous semester.
4. Fewer than 10 unexcused periods in the previous semester.
5. No incidents of physical aggression or controlled substances in the previous semester.
6. No outstanding debts or fines
7. The lunch pass may be revoked if the student fails to comply with school rules.

The rules include but are not limited to:
A. Leaving campus with students who do not have proper permission.
B. Any involvement in physical aggression or controlled substances.
C. Failing to comply with any RBV or VUSD staff members' directions.
D. Repeated Dress Code Violations.
E. Not wearing your lanyard when at all times including when leaving and returning.
F. More than one incident of returning late from lunch

*Off campus lunch rules are subject to change by the administration without notification.

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