Please submit your paper in accordance with the conference themes listed above. We invite scientific technology-based papers and interdisciplinary papers spanning the social sciences and natural sciences. Interested participants from both industry and academic backgrounds are encouraged to submit their applications along with a short abstract to CUTRIC by April 22, 2019. Selected participants will be notified by April 29, 2019 and invited to present at the conference on June 18, 2019.

Theme 1: Global State of Art in FCEV Technology Innovation (Bus, Coach, Truck)

What types of Fuel Cell Buses are available in North America?
What is the performance evidence of these vehicles according to OEMs in operation or in Altoona testing?
What are the social, economic and environmental opportunities associated with the global FCEV technology innovation?

Theme 2: FCEV Innovation & Deployment Experiences

What are industry experiences with FCEV innovation and deployment?
How would FCEV (trucks, buses, coaches) perform on road?
What are the direct and indirect societal and economic benefits associated with FCEV deployments (truck, buses and coaches)?

Theme 3: FCEVs - Transit Agency Vision and Experiences

What are the procurement experiences (opportunities and challenges) among FCEB transit agencies?
How do FCEBs perform in transit operation?
What is the transit experience with the H2 fuel supply chain?
What are ideal innovations that transit systems require for fuller deployment in the future?

Theme 4: Global State of Art in Hydrogen Fueling Systems & Fuel Supply Chain

Where and how is H2 generated (in Canada)?
What are some capacities that exist in Canada in hydrogen generation? What immediate opportunities exist?
Where could it be generated (in Canada)?
How is it distributed and how could it be distributed (in Canada)?

Theme 5: Hydrail : Innovation, Experiences & Future

What opportunities exist in Canada for hydrail integration?
What are the key lessons learned from worldwide deployments of hydrail?

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