Fiscal Sponsorship Questionnaire


Due to staff holiday schedules we will only review and on-board new partners that have an urgent need for fiscal sponsorship due to funding and/or grants. You can flag this in the application under the question for “Existing/Prospective Funding.”

Please note that if you do not have an urgent need, you may still apply, but we will not respond to your application until after January 2nd.



Through our fiscal sponsorship program, Seattle Parks Foundation provides administrative, financial, fundraising, communications, and advocacy services to neighborhood groups and volunteers leading public space projects across the city.

Groups must be based in the city of Seattle, have a clear public benefit and outcome, assume a non-profit business model, and align with the Foundation's core mission of helping people make places we can all love and care for together.

This form will help the Foundation evaluate whether your group would be a good fit for fiscal sponsorship. When completing the form, please include evidence that your group satisfies the below criteria:

• Increases access to parks and connections between well-designed, welcoming, and active parks and public spaces for all Seattle residents
• Has shared, diverse, inclusive, and accountable community leadership and is supported by broader community (e.g. steering committee representing diverse interests, more than one person in leadership role, etc.)
• Is supported by relevant public agencies and has land owner permission
• Is supported by partners who will ensure ongoing and high-level stewardship
• Can attract funding from community donors, public agencies, and other funders
• Has specific goals, regular financial activity, and the capacity to deliver on commitments

We are especially interested in working with fiscal partners who have demonstrated credibility and earned the trust of the communities they serve.

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Group Name
Name of group seeking fiscal sponsorship.
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Project Name
Name of project that your group is working on. (Can be same name as group name if needed and changed later on in the process)
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Lead Members *
Include INDIVIDUALS spearheading the project and explain how the workload will be distributed among members. Please describe group leadership: who is involved, for how long, and any local residents involved.
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Collaborating Groups
All other GROUPS involved (e.g. neighborhood groups, agencies, nonprofits, schools, businesses, etc.), including roles of each group.
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Livability: *
Does your group contribute to or advance any of the following? Check all that apply:
Please briefly describe how your group contributes to the livability aspects indicated above: *
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Project Budget *
Total budget, including phasing plan. Please write N/A if not applicable.
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Existing/Prospective Funding *
Confirmed or pending funds and donor prospects (including in-kind contributions)
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Land Ownership
Who owns the land of the site, and do you have permission to perform the work? If so, from whom?
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Who is taking on long-term maintenance and operations of the site?
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Project Description(s) *
Please describe your project and how funding will contribute to project success.
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