RK Sympathy Voicer Application

Thanks for expressing interest in becoming a part of RK Sympathy!
- high quality microphone
- record multiple voicebanks
- willingness to learn pronunciation of different languages
- multiple ways of communication (email, Skype, etc)
No singing experience is required, but you must be willing to learn.

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Reason for Applying
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Preferred Sympathyloid *
You may pick more than one. You are not restricted by your gender. You can view all of them here: http://www.rksympathy.org/sympathyloids
Samples *
Either link to samples (i.e. Dropbox or Appbox) or write EMAIL and send samples to rksapplications@rksympathy.org. Examples are at the top of the page. Please send raw, unedited samples of you recording the chosen voice bank syllables.
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