Enroot Mentor and Tutor Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming an Enroot volunteer! We look forward to getting to you know and learning about why you are interested in becoming part of the Enroot community. These questions are aimed to get a better sense of who you are. After you submit your application, Enroot staff will be in touch about next steps. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Vania Loredo at volunteer@enrooteducation.org.

Due to COVID-19 and public health officials' social distancing recommendations, the Enroot program will be enrolling and matching students and volunteers virtually until further notice. We will be updating our protocols close to Fall 2021.

We hope to match volunteers with students by mid-October. You will receive an email if you are matched. For those seeking tutoring opportunities, please mark the box that indicates tutoring. To learn more about what tutoring and mentoring looks like at Enroot, please watch this video. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19HmgDrvk8Ql2AJl9_gonnPBSDvdkmNOl/view?usp=sharing

Please note that Enroot takes your privacy very seriously. We collect this information for making strong matches with students and to better understand the demographics of our volunteer base. We will never share your personal information for any reason, and hold your information in the strictest confidence.
1. What is your volunteering interest? *
2. First Name *
3. Last Name *
4. Preferred Name *
5. Preferred Pronouns *
6. Date of Birth *
7. Gender *
8. If you are comfortable sharing your gender identity that wasn't listed before, please do so here:
9. Are you comfortable being matched with a student that does not have the same gender as you? *We primarily match same-gendered pairs, but occasionally need to make different-gendered pairs* *
10. Email *
11. Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx) *
12. Street Address *
Please add your street address and apartment number if necessary. No need to mention City or State.
13. City *
14. State *
15. Zip Code *
16. Which category most closely resembles your racial/ethnic identity? *
Check all that apply
17. Employer Name *
18. Job Title *
19. Enroot is home to many individuals of various cultural identities and backgrounds. In the past, how have you chosen to enrich your cultural competency and how do you plan on further enriching it at Enroot? Feel free to share an insistence, experience/s, or story of doing so: *
20. You sense your student is facing difficulties balancing multiple responsibilities at home while struggling to keep up in school. They don’t express anything explicitly to you, but you notice the effect it has on their energy levels and engagement. In what ways can you address the situation without infringing on the student’s boundaries? *
21. Can you commit to connecting weekly with a student from October to June? *
22. Our volunteer activities typically take place from 6:00-7:00. What days of the week are you available to volunteer at that time? *
23. Would you be interested in in-person events that adhere to CDC social distance guidelines? (Bearing in mind all parties are vaccinated) *
24. Are you able to travel accessibly to either Somerville High School or Cambridge Rindge and Latin School? *
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