La Palma Servicio Voluntario Europeo
If you speak Spanish ,please answer the questions on Spanish. Having in mind the peculiarity of this project, where volunteers are expected to spend 10 months living in an outermost region of UE, in a rural area, basic level of Spanish will be recommended. The project will start in September 2017 till the end of July 2018.
Please take a moment to answer the form. Be honest and try to answer all the questions. Have in mind that we truly value your motivation and initiative, considering it to be essential for successful EVS project. Previous volunteer experience will be taken into consideration , or any other educational experience. Many questions have multiply answer options, so have it in mind. You will find them pretty unusual. That is cause we would like to get to know you more personally, and our current volunteers have chosen them.

We do not use Facebook, Skype or Whatsapp for communication with the candidates.

Main Tasks
With an aim to make concept of Europe closer to a local youth generations. lt is very important that
the volunteers are dynamic, outgoing and know empathize with young people to engage in activities
that we offer. Also, create new activities, such as conducting a weekly radio program, talking They
could make the township cultural tours for youth groups i.e. We will adjust each project according
to a capacities and interest of each volunteer.
- Revitalize the Youth information Centre: Create a program to streamline the ICJ in the afternoon,
when most young people are coming.
-Cultural Week in High Schools : They would be the ambassadors, accompanying monitors to
classrooms with their respective groups. They could offer a short presentation, explaining how is
their country, their culture, etc ..
- Summer Festival (Festival which takes place outdoors to celebrate the end of summer in the
coastal area of the municipality, where several! activities, such as concerts, workshops, exhibitions,
fairs, etc .. )
- Help in the management and development of the local events are only some of the tasks, since we
are counting on proposals from volunteers too
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