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AgriPlex Genomics has launched a new program called AgriPlex Connect, which aims to make PlexSeq genotyping service more affordable and accessible to all plant and animal breeders through the coordination of communal, crop-specific genotyping projects. 

Throughout the year, AgriPlex Genomics runs crop/livestock-specific SNP panels. We will define sample submission windows (usually a two week time frame) for the community to send in samples for that pre-validated panel. The community = all breeders who will utilize the panel in that time frame. 

All that is required to receive the benefits of the AgriPlex Connect program is to submit samples before the announced deadline(s) so that we can sequence the community's samples simultaneously. Deadlines are communicated via email newsletter and social media platforms. There is no additional cost, risk, or commitment to submit through the APC program. 

AgriPlex Connect-Exclusive Benefits:
  1. Collective Discount: Based on the total number of samples submitted by the community before the announced deadline
  2. Complimentary DNA Extraction: No additional charge for leaf, root, or seed samples
  3. Expedited Turnaround Time: Receive your data less than 3 weeks after the deadline

How are PlexSeq SNP Panels created?

AgriPlex Genomics coordinates the creation of crop-specific consortium that combines the expertise of academia, public sector, and industry. The consortium defines the needs of the community and identifies relevant genetic markers.

AgriPlex Genomics constructs a PlexSeq Panel based on these genetic markers.  The consortium will participate in the validation of the new PlexSeq Panel, which is then made available to the community.

Panels currently available through the AgriPlex Connect program:
  • 1K Soybean Community SNP Panel
  • Bovine Paternity Panel
  • IRRI RiCA V4 Rice
  • LSU500 US Rice
  • LSU80 QA/QC
  • Maize QA/QC
  • Fresh Market Tomato
Under Development: Sorghum, Wheat, Pepper, Temperate Corn

Soon after you fill out this form, the AgriPlex Connect Program coordinator will reach out to you. 

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