Donations App Survey #1
We’re thinking of building a series of mobile apps.

The first app will be built for a local podcast: The Renegade Report: check it out here: Future apps will be built for other podcasts, political parties and other causes or content creators.

To use the Renegade Report app, you will need to install the app and sign up. Inside the app, some of the audio content will be free, some will be member-only (people who donate). Choose a monthly donation amount and link your card. Get the latest news and download podcast episodes in the app, then listen to the audio content inside the app. Simple.

Why install the app? You’ll get news from the creators, and the latest free audio content up to a week earlier than public release on other public feeds or podcasting apps.

Why donate? You get to support a good cause - something you feel strongly about, and you get access to member-only content, special interviews, special episodes etc.

It's all very similar to Patreon, but in this case it is one mobile app per cause.

Message from The Renegade Report: “You will be supporting an idea that a working South Africa can exist, a South Africa based on universal humans rights, economic growth and free speech. It’s the solutions to the problems we face”.

Now complete the form below. Please be honest, and please submit your response, even if you think it's not something you would normally use. Thanks!

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What’s your feeling on the future of South Africa?
Do you already make small monthly donations or payments to at least one cause or service, using something like what is described above?
If you answered 'Yes' above can you name who you donate to, and how?
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Do you like the idea of a small monthly donations to support podcasts, political parties or causes you feel strongly about?
What other causes would you like to be able to support through a platform like this? For example an NGO or to support a local radio station
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Would you install The Renegade Report app (
Would you listen to the free weekly content in the Renegade Report app - or would you wait a week and listen in your regular podcasting app?
Would you link your card and donate to The Renegade Report?
If you answered yes above, select how much you would donate
Would you tell your friends about the app?
Please add some additional thoughts about this idea, if you have any, all input is welcome - it could result in us doing this or not!
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