Application to pitch at #danSOUP 29th Oct 2020.

Have you got a great idea for using the arts to enhance mental health or tackle mental health issues? By arts we mean creative endeavours of all kinds so it could be craft activities, gardening, painting, drawing, photography, writing, dance, poetry, performance, music, pottery, sculpture etc etc. Would a small amount of cash help you develop your idea? Want to pitch your idea at special #danSOUP event with Arts and Mental Health Fund, Hard Heads and Hang-Ups on Thursday 29th October 2020?

Anybody can apply to pitch as long as your idea will benefit people in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire. If you a successful in winning the money your project should aim to happen in the next 6-12 months.

How does it work?

We are running this as remote event for the second time, and will be using zoom. Don't worry if you're not familiar, it's easy to use and we will send out some instructions closer to the event. You don't need to have a paid for account, THiNK has one, and all guests at our events can be on zoom as long as we want.

Everybody who signs up to the Hard Heads and Hang Ups #danSOUP event pays (£5+98p booking fee) for a ticket. They listen to 4 pitches from people with project ideas. If you are selected to pitch you will have 4 minutes to tell us about your idea. You are not allowed to use digital presentations or film or anything similar that relies upon technology but you will have four minutes to talk directly to the audience about your idea. You can use props like pictures or photos that you hold up to show the audience or sing a song or do a dance or yoga pose. You can be creative within your 4 minute zoom window but often just talking directly from the heart about your project will suffice. Our panel and the audience then have the opportunity to ask you a few questions, this will be facilitated by Jeanne.

We have been raising money to put into our Hard Heads and Hang Ups Fund. The Fund was initiated by artist, Kelly Ann Holmes, after her Wasted Talent exhibition at THiNK. We have a couple of organisations donating & we also raise money from all the people buying tickets. Lubrizol staff and the Institute of Mental Health put in money to this fund. There is normally about £500 in the pot for the winner, and we hope to have enough money to have a second prize too.

Following the pitches, the audience gets to have a comfort break, maybe to eat their soup at home. Then there is an opportunity for people to network with each other in zoom break-out rooms and discuss the project ideas. Then everybody places their single vote for the one they would like to fund. The winner is the one that gets the most votes and if we have sufficient funds, the second winner will be the one with the next most votes.

Everybody is there to support the pitchers and even if you don't win, you might benefit from connecting with people that like your idea.

Previous winning projects have included workshops for dementia sufferers; confidence building for girls; a garden space for those who have a stillborn child, an exhibition on bereavement from Meet-up Group, Lets Talk About Loss, circus skills workshops, The Happy eating project, supporting pre-teens & teens to build happy, positive relationships with food and Together in Art, and online art club.

Applications to pitch need to be submitted by midnight Sunday 18th October 2020 and we will contact you by 5pm Tuesday 20th October to let you know if your application has been successful. If you apply to pitch please make certain you will be able to take part 7-9pm Thursday October 29th and book your ticket using the link below. You must also have a suitable phone or computer which can support the use of zoom. Please see for details.
Don't forget you will also need to purchase a ticket for the event and get your supporters along too!
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Do you plan to put some procedures in place to ensure your participants are in a safe place? If you're in doubt about how to provide this, you may like to consider working alongside an existing organisation, who has more experience. Please give details.
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Thank you! We will let you know by 5pm Tuesday 20th October if your application to pitch has been successful.
Your application must be submitted by midnight Sunday 18th 2020. Don't forget to purchase your ticket and remember we run these pitch opportunities twice a year in May and October, so if you are unsuccessful this time, you can come along and see how it works and apply to pitch at the next one.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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