For Teachers Volunteers who have worked in Prienai „Žiburys“ gymnasium in Lithuania
Dear Colleagues,

Prienai „Žiburys“ gymnasium, where you have worked, is celebrating 100 years anniversary in autumn 2018. You are also an important part of our school history. We haven‘t forgotten you. We are inviting you to remember time spent at school and make our school history together. We would appreciate it very much if you could answer a few questions. If you have interesting pictures, we will be happy to receive them too.
You can answer questions, which you can find in the questionnaire, on our school site or you can send your answers to one of these addresses:

Ramutė Vilkienė (a person responsible for the school museum)
Nijolė Šervenikaitė (a member of the group organizing the event)

We would be very greatful if you could answer these questions ☺

Name, surname, country, where you live.
Your answer
How are (were) you connected with Prienai „Žiburys“ gymnasium?
Your answer
Please, answer a few questions connected with your activities in our school: 1. Why did you visit our school? What was the first impression about the school for the first time?
Your answer
2. Tell about your first work experience in our school: what was difficult, easy, what made you feel happy or sad?
Your answer
3. Maybe you remember somebody of our students or teachers? Why?
Your answer
4. If you had to describe our school with 3 sentences, what would they be?
Your answer
5. Tell about the most memorable events from your life in Prienai, your work at school.
Your answer
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