CannaMommy Advocate Program Application
Motherhood is truly a labor of love. From that very first moment you realize you are expecting, through the hours (sometimes days) of birthing and all the stops along the way; love guides and empowers us. The village of motherhood can feel small and isolating; we want to change that.

Our Advocacy program aims to cultivate a local tribe of resources, support, and love. All of our Mama Advocates must meet and pass our certified online training program.

Our advocates provide support and access to events, publications, resources, and in some areas will offer in home support before, during and after birth.

Please fill out the questions below to the best of your abilities

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What qualities and skills do you have which you feel would make your an excellent CannaMommy Advocate? *
Please describe a situation when you had a conflic with another person, in a group setting that you were resonsible for; how you managed it and what was the outcome? *
Do you believe you would be able to support a mother with no bias to the best of your ability? *
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