Cyrandall Valley North HOA Reserve Funds
The Cyrandall Valley North Homeowner’s Association recently completed an assessment of our reserve funds, which are used for major expenses to maintain and improve our community. We were happy to learn we remain well-funded and well-prepared for the future. We would like your input as to what projects we should consider to enhance our community.
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The Homeowner’s Association has sufficient funding to pursue ALL of the below projects.
Please select YES if you would like us to pursue an item, MAYBE if you are unsure, or NO if you do not want us to pursue an item. *
Asphalt Walking Trails & Bridge Repairs – Approximately $58,500
Install park benches and picnic tables – Approximately $11,400
Enhance entrance feature walls/signage – Approximately $9,490
Repair the basketball court – Approximately $9,600
Sidewalk/Curb Concrete Repairs – Approximately $33,000
Install additional street lights – Approximately $27,300
Install a new Tot Lot – Approximately $35,000
Install fencing along I-66 – Approximately $24,380
Install doggie waste stations – Approximately $2,700
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