Story Craft 101 Assessment
Pre/Post Assessment for Brian Philipsen
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What is a Protagonist? *
What is an Antagonist? *
What is the Monomyth? *
What shape is The Hero's Journey? *
Which of these is NOT a character archetype from The Hero's Journey? *
What is NOT a part of the Setting of a story? *
What do the letters P.O.V. stand for in storytelling? *
Which of these is an example of P.O.V. in a story? *
What do actors, directors and everyone involved in making a stage play or movie follow? *
What is a Character Arc? *
What is a Prop? *
What is a Podcast? *
Which of these is NOT a form of storytelling? *
Person versus _____________ is the most common type of conflict in stories. *
Every scene MUST have a _______________. *
Which of these is NOT a way to start a scene? *
Which of these is NOT an element in a screenplay? *
You can publish a book online. *
You must graduate college before publishing a book. *
You are officially an Author when a story you wrote has been published as a book and sold. *
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