Virtual 2020 Red Wave Livestock Judging Camp Registration
Our in-person judging camp that was originally scheduled for August 5-9, 2020 has officially been cancelled due to the University's growing concerns of COVID-19.

We have since created a virtual option for participants wishing to hone in their evaluation and reasons skills. Below you will find the registration.

Participant Limit: 50

Tentative Schedule:
End of July
A Red Wave Livestock Judging t-shirt and judging book will be mailed to all participants.

August 1
Instructional videos (general and specie specific) will be made available.

August 2
Participants will receive video classes for each specie. These will include officials, cuts, and critique. The classes provided will be used for reasons.

August 5-9
Participants will be able to work on reasons with a member of the Fresno State Livestock Judging Team, including Brad Mendes (coach) and Tim Truax (assistant coach). Each participant will sign up for a one, 2 hour session via Zoom. They will be able to sign up for their time slot at the end of July on a first-come-first-serve bases.

The cost for the video classes, Zoom reasons session, and t-shirt is $75. Participants must pay the full registration cost, regardless if they utilize all of the resources or not.

Checks can be mailed to:
Brad Mendes
2415 E. San Ramon Ave M/S AS75
Fresno, CA 93740 - 8033
***Make checks payable to: Fresno State***

Brad Mendes - (209) 765-7143 or
Tim Truax - (209) 485-6105 or
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