21st Century Registration
Dear Student and Parent,

Congratulations! We are excited to be offering this program for you as an incoming middle school student. Please read through the info and complete the registration below.


1- Prepared - As a school, we feel a responsibility to prepare you for this type of learning environment. To be successful in the 21st century, students will have to know how to learn online. Ultimately, our goal is that each student who moves on to high school will have mastered online learning will be prepared to take dual enrollment, college credit, and advanced learning courses that are offered at the HS level and as college prep.

2- Keep it Real! - To have a genuine learning experience, it has to resemble an actual learning environment. Rather than simply learn ABOUT online learning, we want them to actually LEARN a subject THROUGH online learning.

3- Individualized Pacing - We are exploring ways to diversify the learning experience for our students. The courses are designed at an average grade level and pace and will be appropriate for most students. As a secondary benefit, the online platform will allow students, who are able to move at a quicker pace to go further in that subject.

4- Introductory Experience - One of the challenges of online learning is navigating an online platform independent of the teacher. To solve this we have designed an online classroom where you can develop your online learning skills, AND still have a teacher present to help you navigate the class and help you with the content.

5- 21st Century Self-Efficacy - Self-efficacy is a belief that is rooted in accomplishment. Students who master online learning at an introductory level will be better equipped with the confidence to succeed at the next level of learning.

1- Students choose one of four online courses (Social Studies, Reading, Science, or Writing).
2- Because we want every student to have this opportunity, students are limited to ONE 21st century class. Students select a first and second subject choice that they would like to study. This is done through the registration system below.
3- There is a cap of 25 - 30 students in each class. Registration is first come, first served. If a student's primary selection is full, we will move on to their second choice. The course will also be marked as FULL on the registration form below.

1- Teachers, counselors, and the principal will assign those courses based on the student's selection and their past academic performance (e.g. Our goal is to meet student needs, so if a student has a special learning requirement, they will be registered for a traditional classroom)
2- Student progress will be monitored by the 21st century teacher. If the student struggles, the teacher will communicate with the parent and, if they deem it necessary, they can move the student to a traditional classroom setting.
3- The course is a year long class.


This course provides a strong foundation in grammar and the writing process. It emphasizes simple but useful composition and language mechanics strategies with multiple opportunities for modeling practical, real-world writing situations that will enable students to improve their written communication skills quickly.

Social Studies
In an increasingly interconnected world, equipping students to develop a better understanding of our global neighbors is critical to ensuring that they are college and career ready. This course empowers students to increase their knowledge of the world in which they live and how its diverse geographies shape the international community. The course begins with an overview of the physical world and the tools necessary to exploring it effectively. Subsequent units survey each continent and its physical characteristics and engage students and encourage them to develop a global perspective.

Science 6 presents the fundamentals of physics and chemistry. This course investigates the phenomena of matter and energy in the natural world. Students explore the properties of matter with a study of atoms, elements, and the periodic table. Students investigate the nature of force interactions between objects, the role of gravity in Earth and space systems, and the nature of energy and waves.

Language Arts
Through a variety of grade-appropriate reading selections, students develop a clear understanding of key literary genres and their distinguishing characteristics.
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