IW December '18 Staff Registration Form
Information here will mainly be used for purchasing insurance or keeping an emergency contact in case of any accident.
Please fill in the Information in accordance to your registered identity.
Hello! My name is... *
As per your IC.
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But you can call me...
A nickname/preferred name.
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My identity card (IC) number is... *
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My gender is... *
We respect everyone, and we don't want to assume!
My contact number (01X-XXX-XXXX) is... *
Preferably a number that can be reached even after office hours.
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And if you want to send me an email, you may send it to... *
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In any case of an emergency, you may contact... *
01X-XXX-XXXX (Name)
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My emergency contact person is my... *
E.g. mother, father, wife, etc.
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The previous IW I have been in was/were... *
E.g. IW Dec 2010
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Will you be driving to IYC (International Youth Centre)? *
Will you drive your car to the campsite if you are asked to? *
This means transportation of staff from IYC to the campsite on Friday night and back on Sunday. Petrol allowance will be reimbursed accordingly.
My dietary preference is... *
I have a medical history of... *
E.g. asthma, food allergy, anemia or any condition that we should take note of. If none, please state so too.
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In the previous IW(s), I was working in/as... *
You may mark more than one if applicable.
In this IW, I am interested to work in/as... *
You may mark more than one if applicable.
Do you have any special skills? *
E.g. I am a qualified first-aider, I am a doctor, I am a scout, I am a certified life guard, I can cook up a storm... Be honest and specific!
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You may expect me to arrive on Friday at... *
If you are arriving later than 7PM, please state your reason. *
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