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BEYOND THE SUN ~ When Alexandra Toscano digs deeper into Jared Bonatelli's life for the story of a lifetime, she begins to question her own past. Could the answers be found in the glowing eyes of the vampire she must expose?
BEYOND TIME ~ Two souls separated by centuries searching for something more in their lives.Christian Lancelot DuLac, a wolf shifter and son of Camelot living in present day New York.Lady Elizabeth Payne, betrothed to a Demon Lord by her uncle, King Arthur.The odds are firmly stacked against them.Are their worlds destined to forever remain apart?Or will the Fates change their course and let the lovers find each other Beyond Time?
DRAKKAR, BEYOND THE LIE ~ Drakkar Dragoni, the only son of Princess Absinthe Dragoni, always believes what his mother tells him. Humans are nothing more than cattle bred to nourish their kind, and her half brother, Jared Bonatelli, stole a kingdom which is rightfully hers. Drakkar vows to right this wrong, even if it means Jared dies by his hand. But what if none of it is true? What if this his mother's biggest lie yet? Who can he turn to? Who will help him escape the prison within his own home? *** This is a YA Novel ***
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