Volunteer Application 2018
Volunteering at ICF demands mental and physical stamina. You are often performing unfamiliar tasks in an unfamiliar environment. Volunteers are taking on real responsibility and often real decision making power. We need our volunteers to be professional and hold themselves to high standards, even if other people (maybe your friends you drove here with) arent. You are representing the ICF and WyoClimbers organization when you volunteer with the ICF.

Please answer the questions fully. We will contact you with volunteer opportunities that best fit your answers and our needs after receiving your answers to the questions below.

The Festival depends on volunteers to run smoothly. By filling out this form you are acknowledging that you want to volunteer and if you commit to volunteering in subsequent communication, you fully intend to show up. In 2018 we will be taking credit card information for all volunteers. If you do not show up (and this has not previously been discussed) the Festival reserves the right to charge you for a full ticket. This will be regardless of if you paid 1/2 price as a volunteer or were comped a ticket.

Thank you for understanding.

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Age *
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Phone number *
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Best email to reach you at? *
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Why are you interested in volunteering? *
How many hours a day are you willing to volunteer? July 11th, July 12th, July 13th, July 14th, July15th *
Do you live in lander? *
If No, what date do you plan to arrive in Lander?
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How familiar are you with Lander Climbing Areas? *
very familiar, I can recite the moves on obscure climbs at obscure areas
Do you drive? *
Will you have access to a car during the Festival? *
If Yes, what kind of car will you have with you? *
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Can you lift 45 lbs repetitively and safely? *
What is your past experience interacting with professional clients or sponsors, if any? *
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Rate your stress level when things dont go according to plan. *
I am totally unfazed.
I get very stressed.
How comfortable do you feel solving problems in a pinch with limited or no additional resources? *
I feel unable to solve problems when I dont have resources or a pre-existing plan
I am a creative problem solver. I am often the only person who ever knew there was a problem.
Do you have past experience organizing people and events? *
Do you have past experience running aid stations or medical stations? *
In what capacity are you most interested in helping? *
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