Welcome to Anviz products review questionnaire . Please answer the following questions and win a discount coupon for New Product.
For the top 100 customers who fill out the questionnaire will receive a discount coupon of 100 dollars for any order placed above 1000 USD for W Pro series ,VF30 Pro and EP300 Pro.
Note: The discount can only be used on purchase of W series Pro,VF30 Pro and EP300 Pro.
The valid time for the coupon is from 1st of 1st August 2019 to 31st October 2019.
The coupon can be used only once during the valid time.
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Which of the following points do you think need to be improved for installation of Anviz products *
Which application function that you want to add in the Anviz products? *
What is the price range of the most widely sold Biometric products in the market (purchase price) *
If Anviz introduces an access controller, you prefer *
For the cloud service launched by Anviz, you would like to have the following features *
Where do you want to get new product information? *
Anviz is about to charge for professional SDK technology services, your opinion is *
The marketing support that you want to get from Anviz in 2019 *
What is the top three popular models of Anviz products you currently purchase? Please state your reason for each model. *
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