Return to School Survey Information
The District has been working to place safety precautions to keep both students and staff safe while at school. While there is no way to completely eliminate all risks in any public space, we will be adjusting a few procedures to reduce contact between students in our buildings. As we continue to determine all the details and logistics surrounding our return to school, additional measures may be added as appropriate. The following safety precautions and procedures will be utilized this Fall:

- We encourage students to find alternate forms of transportation if available
- Students will have assigned seats with family members seated together (when possible)
- Students pick-up and drop-off locations will be limited to minimize exposure to other buses
- Sanitizer will be provided on each bus as students enter
- Large routes may be split into two different loops with different pick-up and drop-off times
- Buses will load from back to front and unload front to back to reduce student contact
- Bus drop off times will be staggered to minimize traffic coming into the building at one time
- Masks will be required, grades K-12 (per Emergency Order #1 - August 1, 2020)
- Drivers may be wearing facemasks and shields based on DOT regulations
- Drivers or bus staff will disinfect bus after each route

Arrival at School:
- Additional entrances will be available to minimize traffic coming into the building at one time
- Sanitizing stations will be located at all entrance doors
- Students are encouraged to report directly to their first class after stopping at their lockers
- Masks will be required, grades K-12 (per Emergency Order #1 - August 1, 2020)
- We have 3,000 masks available for student and staff use
- Educational assistants will be available to receive younger students and ensure safe entrance into the building
- Visitors will not be allowed in the building past the office areas
- Plexiglass dividers will be in place for high traffic areas (offices, library, lunch room)

Classroom Environment:
- Staff will instruct students on placing more emphasis on hygiene at school
- Sanitizing stations are available in every classroom
- Lower elementary rooms equipped with sinks will have scheduled hand-washing breaks
- Students will be physically distanced as much as possible in the space provided
- Masks will be required, grades K-12 (per Emergency Order #1 - August 1, 2020)
- Staff members will be recommended and highly encouraged to wear masks and/or face shields when in
close contact with students

- Varying lunch times at all levels to maximize physically distancing
- Spacing guidelines will be established at lunch tables (One class per table - 15-18 students)
- Plexiglass dividers will be in place for high traffic areas (offices, library, lunch room)
- Lunch staff will be serving students - serving utencils will not be shared
- Schedule adjustment to allow for two lunches at the high school and junior high levels

- Varying elementary recess times to maximize physical distancing

Hallways/ Passing Periods:
- Sanitizing stations available in hallways
- Sanitizing stations should be utilized as student exit and enter each classroom
- Use of personal water bottles encouraged - bottle fillers available (no drinking fountains)
- Staggered times at all levels to minimize traffic

Nurse Assistance:
- Nurse overflow room available to accommodate more students (if necessary)
- Temperature screenings available based on visible symptoms

Cleaning/ Disinfecting:
- Room ionizers will be utilized in every room every night
- Desks and hard surfaces sanitized every night


Virtual Learning Day Expectations for Students:

- All students will utilize Schoology as the learning platform for the Virtual Learning Day. A learning activity will be posted in Schoology for every class. A tangible learning outcome activity is planned for students to complete that demonstrates learning.
- Normal grading practices and timelines will resume
- Student participation and time on task will be monitored using the Schoology learning management system
- Teachers will be available to respond to questions or concerns via Schoology or email. It is expected that teachers monitor communication throughout the virtual learning day and respond to students during the school’s typical school hours. Teachers will be available to answer questions or offer additional help during classtime or from 2:45pm to 3:45pm each day
- Google Meet times will be scheduled at the time classes would naturally meet in the day so conflicts are not created during another class’s meeting time
- Attendance will be taken each day based on live participation in the learning activity and/ or completion of the attendance requirement. Attendance may be based on email communication, assessment submission, participating in an online discussion or signing into a chat session
- Students must have their attendance submissions done for all classes by 3:00pm each day
- Proof of student participation and learning will be documented in the Infinite Campus gradebooks each day in either the Formative, Interim or Summative categories depending on the lesson or assessment given
- Electronic devices will be provided by the District. Students are responsible for taking proper care of their devices
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