Renaissance Technology Use Agreement
In order to ensure that our technology use is effective and safe, please read the following guidelines, discuss them with your student, and sign below.
Failure to follow this agreement may result in the loss of the privilege to use district technology or other natural consequences. Natural consequences may include the need to charge replacement or repair costs.
The care and safety of technology is the responsibility of the student to whom it is assigned.
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Technology Use *
I will use technology according to the instruction I am given by my teacher and/or staff member, for educational purposes.
Technology Integrity *
I will use my device in appropriate ways for educational purposes and will demonstrate integrity by only accessing school-appropriate websites.
Technology Treatment *
I will treat my device with respect, which includes: (Check all)
School Guidelines *
I will follow our school guidelines for behavior with my device. These include: (Check all)
Headphones/Earbuds *
I will care for the headphones/earbuds that are issued to me. I will not intentionally break or damage them or anyone else's.
Charges *
If I damage my device or headphones/earbuds, or anyone else's, due to negligence and/or misuse, I understand that my family will be charged for replacement/repair costs. Average costs for replacements are: earbuds $5.00; chromebook case $35.00; chromebook screen $40.00; iPad $100
Electronic Signature of Understanding and Acknowlegement
I have read, discussed, and understand the guidelines for our use of technology at Renaissance. I agree to follow these guidelines.
Student First Name *
Student Last Name *
Teacher *
Electronic Signature
Electronic printed signatures, instead of handwritten signature, are legal and accepted under the Uniform Commercial Code, as follows: "Any form of writing, stamping, or printing of a name, initials, or mark makes the instrument signed". I understand by typing my name it acts as an original signature under the 15 U.S.C. Section 7001 et. seq.
I understand typing in my name and clicking "Submit" acts as an original signature under the UCC sections 1-201:717.
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