Spark Hackathon Student Post-Survey
Please fill out this survey truthfully to the best of your ability. There are no right or wrong answers, and your response will help us evaluate the impact of the Hackathon. Thank you!
How much did you enjoy the Learn-a-Thon? *
Hated it
It was awesome!
Did your chosen workshops meet your expectations? *
Not really
How relevant do you think the problem statements were? *
What even?
Spot on
Did you enjoy working with your team? *
It sucked
Dream team
How much did you contribute to your project? *
I played Fortnite
I carried
Overall, how much did you enjoy Spark Hackathon? *
Massive waste of time
I loved my time here
How useful was the website for you? *
NOT useful
VERY useful
Would you attend Spark Hackathon again next year if you were able? *
Would you recommend a friend attend Spark Hackathon next year? *
If you answered No or Maybe for either of the questions above, what could we improve next year to make the experience better?
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What changes to design and/or functionality would you like changed for next year in terms of the website? *
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What was your most memorable experience and/or who is someone you would like to give a shout out to for their support/help during the hackathon? *
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Anything else?
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