Open Letter in Support of School Walkouts to Protest Gun Violence
This letter will be submitted by a group of faculty in the CEJ (Center for Educational Justice at the University of Redlands in the School of Education) to the California Department of Education in response to the recent call for several National School Walkouts. All university-based researchers (including faculty, researchers, and administrators) throughout California are invited to sign their names in support of this letter.

Listed on the letter will be each signer's Name, Title, and College/University/Affiliation.
To sign, please submit information in the form fields below the letter by March 9, 2018.

This letter was co-authored by the following faculty in the School of Education (SOE) in the Center for Educational Justice (CEJ) at the University of Redlands: Brian Charest, Ph.D., Mikela Bjork, Ph.D., and Nicol Howard, Ph.D.

Open Letter in Support of School Walkouts to Protest Gun Violence

Dear California State Board of Education President, Dr. Michael Krist, State Board Colleagues, and California School Principals, Teachers, and Administrators:

Last week, 17 students were shot and killed at a Florida high school by a former member of the school’s JROTC program. The shooter, who expressed white supremacist views online (footnotes listed parenthetically - 1), was trained to shoot lethal weapons by the Army on his high school campus (2). Teachers, students, parents, and allies have had enough. Students are standing up. Teachers and parents are supporting them.

As university and teacher educators (including faculty, researchers, and administrators), we strongly urge you to publicly support all principals, teachers, and students in our California schools and universities, who wish to participate in the upcoming National School Walkouts to protest gun violence (the first of which is scheduled for 17 minutes—one minute for each victim of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting on March 14).

Other walkouts are scheduled on March 24, and April 20, and additional walkouts may occur. We believe educators and students should have your support to participate in these actions. Current gun regulations do not reflect current research or knowledge on gun violence prevention, nor do they reflect public opinion on gun safety. (3)

Our schools, for better or for worse, reflect our priorities as a society and should be spaces where students and teachers discuss what those priorities should be. We believe that any discussion about solving the problem of gun violence must be a conversation about public safety and must also address root causes of this violence, such as the culture of violence in the US that equates masculinity with guns, (4) bullying in schools and on campuses, violence against women, the increase in militarism in schools that serve our most vulnerable youth (e.g, ROTC programs, military-run schools, junior police academies, etc.) (5) (6), state sanctioned violence through policing, and racism that blinds us to the effects of gun violence in poor communities of color. (7) (8)

We believe that the National School Walkouts are the first step toward a public conversation about these root causes, one that can help lead to the enactment of a public safety plan to reduce gun violence in the US. Such a plan would emerge from what we currently know about gun safety and gun violence prevention.(9) Such a plan would also align with the views of a majority of Americans (10) who believe in things like background checks for all gun buyers (93%), a ban on the sale of guns to anyone convicted of a violent crime (88%), and for waiting periods for all gun purchases (72%).

We urge you to take this moment to voice your support for public engagement in the gun safety debate and for students and teachers who seek to pressure lawmakers to enact effective gun safety legislation. Doing so would not only encourage teachers in California to teach about the power of civic engagement, but also provide an opportunity for students to see firsthand the importance of civic action in a democracy. Democracies require citizen participation, and it is through a combination of careful study and debate combined with civic action that citizens shape their world for the better.

We, the undersigned, believe in the need to address the root causes of gun violence and for new laws to promote public safety to end the epidemic of gun violence in the US; we support the right of principals, teachers, and students to participate in the National School Walkout.

#NationalSchoolWalkout #GunReformNow #StudentsStandUp #ArmMeWith #NeverAgain




As of March 9, 2018, the following 142 education scholars and advocates have signed in support of this open letter (Names are listed in alphabetical order):

Abigail Rombalski, English Education Licensure Program Lead University of Minnesota
Al Schademan, Professor CSU Chico
Amanda Taylor, Administrative Support Assistant CSU, Chico
Andrea Giunta, Senior Policy Analyst National Education Association
Angel Valencia, Lecturer and Supervisor for Student Teachers CSU, East Bay
Angela Palmieri, Fulbright Distinguished Teacher UCLA
Anita Bright, Associate Professor Portland State University
Ann Berlak, San Francisco State, retired
Ann Blankenship Knox, Assistant Professor University of Redlands
Ann Schulte, Professor California State University, Chico
Annamarie Francois, Executive Director UCLA Center X
Anne J. Hartline, Lecturer; English and Education Humboldt State University
Annie S. Adamian, Assistant Professor Calfornia State University, Chico
Antonia Darder, Leavey Endowed Chair of Ethics & Moral Leadership Loyola Marymont University
Benjamin Madley, Associate Professor of History University of California, Los Angeles
Bernadine Hernández, Assistant Professor UCLA - Institute of American Cultures and CSRC
Betty Y Lin, Adjunct Professor of Early Childhood Education Mills College School of Education
Bic Kolcum, Clinical Director Orchard Mountain Recovery Not affiliated
Brian Charest, Assistant Professor University of Redlands
Charles L Jagoda, Homeless/Housing Advocate None at this time
Christine Sleeter, Professor Emerita California State University Monterey Bay
Christine Yeh, Professor University of San Francisco
Cindy Cruz, Associate Professor UC Santa Cruz
Claire Carlstroem, Ms Santa Ana Unified School District
Claire Knox, Professor Humboldt State University
Cristian Aquino-Sterling, Associate Professor San Diego State University
Dan Kenley, Retired High School Principal Prescott College
David Schultz, Ed.D. Assistant Professor Long Island University Riverhead
Deborah Durham, Supervisor for Student Teachers CSUChico
Debra Neill, Lecturer Arizona State University
Denise M. Fleming, Dr. CSU East Bay
Diane Garfield, Lecturer San Francisco State University
Dorothy Wall, Assistant Professor California State University, Chico
Dr. Julie Jones, Director of Student Teaching Converse College
Dr. Maris Thompson, Associate Professor of Education California State University, Chico
Dr. Nikola Hobbel, Professor, English Education Humboldt State University
Eduardo Lopez, Faculty Advisors UCLA
Elisabeth Schoepflin, Ms. University of California, Los Angeles
Elizabeth Baker, Professor of Practice Mills College
Elizabeth Brinkman Day, Professor Santa Clara University
Elizabeth Stevens, Instructor and Supervisor California State University, Chico
Erin Whitney, Assistant Professor CSU, Chico
Faye Peitzman, Adjunct Professor, UCLA GSE&IS UCLA
Frances Kidwel,l Professor CSU, Chico
Gregory Hamilton ,Visiting Assistant Professor University of Redlands
Heather Ballinger, Lecturer, School of Education Humboldt State University
Heidi Stevenson, Associate Professor University of the Pacific
Hideko Sera, Associate Dean University of Redlands
Hilda Rodriguez-Guzman, Parent UOP
Hyun-Kyung You, Associate Professor Humboldt State University
Imelda L Nava, Faculty Advisor UCLA
James L Hollar, Assistant Professor of Education Alverno College
Janee Both Gragg, Associate Professor University of Redlands
Janelle Adsit, Assistant Professor Humboldt State University
Jeannette Armstrong, Director of Graduate Programs in Education Viterbo University
Jeff Share, Faculty Advisor Teacher Education Program, UCLA
Jerri Batson, Adjunct Professor, Multiple Subject Program CSU Chico
Jessica Cattelino, Associate Professor of Anthropology UCLA
Jose W. Lalas, Professor, Director of Center for Educational Justice University of Redlands
Joseph R Weldon, Teacher, Macalester College (student)
Judith Barnett , Teacher Capella university
Julian Vasquez Heilig , Professor Sacramento State
Julie Nicholson, Associate Professor of Practice Mills College, School of Education
Karen Cadiero-Kaplan, Professor Emeritus San Diego State University
Karen Grady, Professor Sonoma State University
Kari Tyler, Lecturer CSU Chico
Kate Sjostrom, Graduate Instructor University of Illinois at Chicago
Kathy Feeley, Professor, University of Redlands
Kay Holmes, assistant professor fort lewis college
Kevin Carey, Lecturer University of Waterloo
Kevin Terraciano, Professor UCLA
Kile Taylor, Lecturer California State University, Chico
Kim Wieczorek Associate Professor SUNY Cortland
Kyle Mays, Ph.D. Assistant Professor UCLA
Lisa Olson Professor University of Redlands
Lisa Tremain Assistant Professor of English Humboldt State University
Lisa Ziska-Marchand Director of Advancement Services California State University Monterey Bay
Loretta Honorable UCLA
Lorette Pellettiere Calix Lecturer SUNY/ Empire State College
M. Alayne Sullivan Professor University of Redlands
Madalyn Torrey Afternoon Head Teacher - Child Development Lab Humboldt State University
Maggie Payne, Professor Emerita California State University, Chico
Marian Killian, Retired High School English/Language Arts Teacher CSU Sacramento & Santa Rosa City Schools
Marianne Ahokas, Lecturer California State University, Humboldt
Marilyn Rees, Supervisor, Coordinator Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program Chico State University
Maris Thompson, Associate Professor of Education, California State University, Chico
Máté Wierdl , Professor of Mathematics, The University of Memphis
Matt Edwards, Student Teacher, Humboldt State University
Maylei Blackwell, Associate Professor UCLA
Megan Lorraine Debin, Professor Fullerton College
Melissa Arias, Faculty Advisor UCLA
Michelle Bowman, Teacher Pioneer High School SJUSD
Mikela Bjork, Assistant Professor, University of Redlands
Mimi Miller, Professor CSU Chico
Mitchell Morris, Professor UCLA
Monica Taylor, Professor Montclair State University
Nathan Avani, Professor of Ed. Psy. San Francisco State University
Nerissa Wallace, Master's in Education Student California State University-Chico
Nick Henning, Associate Professor California State University, Fullerton
Nicol Howard, Assistant Professor, University of Redlands
Nicole , Student Teacher, HSU
Nirmla Flores, Visiting Lecturer University of Redlands
Noah Asher Golden, assistant professor of Integrated Educational Studies Chapman University
Patricia D. López, Assistant Professor San José State University
Patricia Dickenson, Associate Professor of Teacher Education National University
Patricia Moriarty, Student Teacher Supervisor CSU, Chico
Paul Bailey, Lecturer and Supervisor of Student Teachers California State University, Chico
Paul Thomas, Professor Furman University
Paula M. Selvester, Professor, School of Education/ASCSU Statewide Senator California State University, Chico
Paula Meyer, Educator CGU alum.
Philip Mirci, Associate Professor University of Redlands
Priya Jha, Professor and Chair, English University of Redlands
Richard Kahn, Core Faculty in Education Antioch University Los Angeles
Roberta Ahlquist, Professor San Jose State University
Robin Brooks, Assistant Professor of Art University of Maine at Machias, 1989-91
Ruchi Rangnath, Assistant Professor University of San Francisco
Sarah Thomas, Regional Technology Coordinator PGCPS
Sonja Darlington, Professor, Education and Youth Studies Beloit College
Spencer Harless, Former student, North Carolina State University
Stephanie Hamel, Professor, California State University, Chico
Stephanie Quan, Visiting Lecturer, University of Redlands
Stephen Vodantis, Graduate student Pacifica Graduate Institute
Stevy Hernandez, Archaeology Collections Manager, Fowler Museum at UCLA UCLA
Susan Edgerton, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Suzanne Samberg, Instructor Humboldt State University
Tamara Tribitt, Assistant Professor University of Redlands
Tara Browner, Professor UCLA
Teresa McCarty, GF Kneller Chair in Education and Anthropology University of California, Los Angeles
Terrie Epstein, Professor of Education Hunter College
Tiffany Sidwell, Clinical lab scientist apprentice UCLA
Timothy Slekar, Dean. School of Education, Edgewood College, Madison WI
Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen, Ed.D. Adjunct, USD, UCSD
Ulia Gosart, Lecturer UCLA Information Studies
Vincent Feliz, CARE Services Coordinator Humboldt State University
Wendy Sanchez, Admin Spec UCLA
William Ayers, Distinguished Professor of Education University of Illinois at Chicago
William Sandoval, Professor University of California, Los Angeles

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