Storytime for the Apocalypse
Storytime for the Apocalypse is a virtual storytime for grown-ups, on Zoom, weekly through April and May 2020, and monthly thereafter. It´s curated to be a hopeful, frank, uplifting and nurturing hour for people to read beautiful published writing (not their own) out loud to one another.

You can read all about it at

Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose, and the broadest interpretation of the theme apocalypse (remember, it means to remove the veil). Readings will be 3-7 minutes, timed. You can propose reading anything, as long as it's published and you didn't write it yourself!

Currently extra-interested in readers and readings from people of color, Black and Indigenous folks, bilingual readings, and works by women-identifying authors...but the doors are wide open for all.

If you'd like to read please complete the form below. You can also recommend readings that you'd like voiced by someone else - do that by emailing or by mentioning us anywhere on social media.

Dr Tilly Hinton is curating this event in response to the current pandemic, because she knows that stories and community are powerful ballast when life get rough.
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