SignalPlant survey 2016
Hello SignalPlant user. We appreciate your interest in SignalPlant and we are interested in your opinions regarding our software. Please, answer questions below. The questionnaire is anonymous, but if you would like to discuss any theme in more depth, do not hesitate to write an email to Thank for your time!
SignalPlant usage
How often do you use SignalPlant?
Plugins usage
Do you use any plugin from these categories?
Plugins developement
Have you developed your own plugins for SignalPlant?
If you have any suggestion regarding functionality, file-formats or even new tutorials (or if you dislike anything in SignalPlant), please write it down here:
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Meeting on autumn/winter 2017
We are thinking about a 1-2 days meeting of SignalPlant users on November/December 2017 in Brno, Czech Republic. Would you be interested in such a meeting?
I am interested in developers response. This is my email:
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