Sizzling Summer Series, Know your Right's Training.
Thursday, July 27 5:45 - 7:45 pm Session located at the Downtown Sioux Falls Library, 200 N Dakota Ave, Sioux Falls SD.

Employees and Students who fall under multiple protected classes face an intersection of identity performance pressures as women, racial or ethnic minorities, and religious minorities. The dominant group expectations of how women or members of underrepresented populations should behave, dress, and communicate to be professional are often contradictory due to conflicting stereotypes.

This session examines the identity performance challenges and contradictions faced by individuals from underrepresented populations and how to become aware of your right to live and work in your perspective spaces. Participants will learn key concepts on how to navigate unequal treatment perpetuated within policy and procedures.

Are your rights being denied?
Do you know what do or say if your rights are violated?
Do you understand your rights?

Please Join the conversation, as experts Taneeza Islam, Immigration Attorney Cesar Juarez, Employment Law Attorney enlighten us on theses important societal issues.

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