Salmon Jam 2021
We are so happy you'd like to perform at this year's Salmon Jam in the Park style! There are about 4 slots available each night - Friday and Saturday. Once those are filled, we will have additional performers choose a location around town to perform the days leading up to the weekend.

Please fill this form out so we may better promote your music before and during the festival. Be sure to check your spelling, so we can direct people to your accounts successfully. Please use @salmonjam & @CordovaArts @cdvarts for your Instagram & Facebook posts to help support us, too! Thank you!
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Broadcast Release: I hereby authorize the live broadcast of my/our performance at the 18th annual Salmon Jam Music Festival over the internet or radio. I also authorize the use of this broadcast for distribution to non-commercial radio stations and over the internet. I understand that the Salmon Jam Music Festival will not be able to provide monetary compensation for my/our performance. *
Please provide a brief intro for our MC. Consider including anything special about where you live to share with our wider audience, how music has helped you in this time of the Corona Virus and/or in your life in general and anything else you think our listeners might enjoy! *
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