Guild of Gentlemen: Discord Server Application
Official application to join the Guild of Gentlemen’s Discord Server!
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Are you religious? If so, what religion? *
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What is your race/ethnicity? *
Are you genetically male? (Born male) *
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What is your preferred political ideology? *
Do you have any issues with masculinity or chivalry? *
Imagine for a moment a convicted, serial pedophile and child molester. Should this monster be stopped? If so, what punishment should the criminal endure? *
What other organizations are you affiliated with, if any? *
The Guild of Gentlemen is not a political or religious organization. Politics are NOT allowed. Bashing another Guildsman’s religion and/or stating your religion as superior is NOT allowed. Are you okay with these rules? *
Do you consider yourself to be traditional? Why? *
Do you feel like you understand the rules of the Guild and why they are in place? (Politics are forbidden. You can talk about religion but don’t bash another members religion or state yours as superior.) *
In what ways could you become a better man? *
Do you believe that being a Gentleman is achievable in every aspect of life? *
Do you believe that you can work together with Catholics, Protestants, non-believers and Pagans to achieve a common goal of a traditional society and the creation of a great Guild of men who desire to improve every aspect of their life? *
Do you understand and like the fact that the Guild of Gentlemen is not a community for sharing memes, being edgy, etc? *
How often do you read? Would you like to read more? *
What do you personally offer the Guild? *
Do you believe that you can follow the rules of the Guild’s server? *
Would you like to achieve the title of “Gentleman” within the Guild of Gentlemen’s Discord Server? This is the most honorable title achievable. *
What languages do you know? *
Do you know any of the Guildsmen personally? *
What is your opinion on Christian values? Do you have any issues with Christians, Christianity or Christian values? *
(IMPORTANT): If you found us through Instagram, add your @account below and SEND YOUR EMAIL to @GuildofGentlemen on Instagram! If you don’t have an Instagram account, add a LINK to ANOTHER SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT where we can send you a message if you are accepted. *
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