NOTE: this form is intended only for members who have previously joined CY. If you want to apply as a NEW MEMBER - go to this form:
It takes about $1,800 per member/ family to support our amazing Rabbi and ensure that we meet our organizational operating expenses. We recognize that there are many who cannot contribute this amount, however. ALL LEVELS OF DUES CONTRIBUTIONS ARE WELCOME, therefore, and we are grateful for those who can contribute this amount and more so that we can continue to offer membership benefits to all who wish to join.

Our operating budget works best if everyone contributes. No matter how much a person or family contributes, everyone is appreciated, welcomed, and respected. No one is ever turned away. Do make a pledge, however. It is the most effective way you can ensure the continuing success of our organization, sustaining Jewish Renewal teachings in Santa Cruz.

Below are some general guidelines to help you in your decision to pledge. We recognize and very much appreciate that members like to support CY with additional donations throughout the year (Yarhzeits/ In Honor Of / etc.). However, knowing how much we can count on through your pledge commitments gives us confidence to plan an operating budget for the year. There are several ways (described next page) in which you can schedule periodic payments of your dues, as a convenient way for you to meet your pledge commitment:

* Contributing Member/Family = $1,800 - $6,000 or more
($1,800 per year is a payment of $150 per month)
* $1,500 per year is a payment of $125 per month.
* $1,200 per year is a payment of $100 per month.
* $900 per year is a payment of $75 per month.
* $720 per year is a payment of $60 per month.

If paying by check, make sure you write on the check that it is for payment of "DUES". You may also send us several post-dated checks at once, if more convenient. Please send your check(s) to:

Chadeish Yameinu,
P.O.Box 3578
Santa Cruz, CA 95063

If you would rather make periodic payments automatic - you can create a recurring payment plan through our secure connection with PAYPAL. Please use the "Donate" button on our website:
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