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Thank you for your interest in a custom quilt. Please complete the form below, and I will be in touch soon about your inquiry.
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Who is this quilt for, and what's the occasion? Will it be well-loved by a child or hung on the wall? The more I know about the quilt and its intended use, the better.
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Do you have a pattern or style in mind? If you like one of the quilts in my shop or portfolio, just name it here. If you have a link to another quilt you saw online, share it here. If you have a photo, email it to hello@localcolorquilts.com after completing this form.
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Note on fabrics, including secondhand and vintage textiles.
I am happy to incorporate textiles from your personal collection into a quilt, including vintage or hand-dyed fabrics, and 100% cotton or linen clothing. At this point, I do not offer "t-shirt quilts" which are made using jersey and knit fabrics. These quilts are a lot of fun and I'm happy to refer you to someone who can make them for you.
Do you have a color palette in mind, or a specific fabric you'd like me to use?
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Is there a style of quilting you're interested in?
Note on sizing and quilting services
At this time, quilts sized twin and up will be sent to a professional long-arm quilter for the quilting step. I partner with a local quilter with decades of experience and a wide variety of options in terms of design and thread color. There will be additional production time and a fee associated with this service. All quilt tops and backs are pieced by me and once quilted, returned to me for binding and finishing.
What size do you want this quilt to be? Keep in mind that these sizes are approximate and will vary based on the design and shape (square or rectangle) of your quilt.
Most custom orders take 6-8 weeks to complete but could take longer depending on size and materials. Does that timeline work for you?
Please share with me any additional information about your quilt and your needs. If you have any questions, put 'em here too.
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Thank you!
My quilts are handmade and require many hours of work. You are investing in an heirloom that will be loved and ideally passed down for generations to come. I am so honored to be your quilt maker.

I will be in touch soon to discuss your quilt in more detail and give a quote. Once we've agreed, I will require a 50% deposit to begin work on your custom order.

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