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This form is for submissions from individuals that would like to volunteer their time to assist with facilitating LOUISVILLE IS DEAD. Volunteers will be expected to complete a 4 hour shift on both days of the event, but will be compensated for their time with free entry for the weekend as well as catering on site. If you are only able to volunteer on one day, please let us know in advance and we will attempt to work with you.

We will be looking for people to assist with the following:
- Gate (taking admission, watching exits to ensure people aren't sneaking in, etc)
- Stage Hand (assist sound engineer with production and band transitions, etc.)
- Kids Activities (keeping an eye on youngsters and assisting with the activities we will have available to them, etc.)
- Clean Up (remain after on both days to clear the tables of trash, etc.)

Keep in mind, volunteers will be utilized as we need them the day of the festival. We will be asking you for your preference of volunteer work and will try our best to ensure you're able to be assigned to that task, but may ask you to assist with another task if we haven't found enough people to fill the roll.

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