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Welcome to the application form for DELITELABS Amsterdam. Please take your time to read the instructions carefully and be ready to fill in the form in one go, as you can not pause, save and return to finish at a later point. Please make sure you read our entire webpage, including the FAQ, before you proceed:

+++ This form is for our main students. If you are interested in corporate trainings, please contact us per email +++

The application process is as follows:

1) Please fill in this form which also includes a short text why you want to start your own business - in English

After reviewing your form we will decide if you move on to the next step. You will get our response per email.

2) If you can move ahead, you will receive a link to book a short phone interview with us.

For the interview you can prepare for the following:
- why does DELITELABS fit to where you are in your life?
- what do you expect to get out of DELITELABS?
- how can you demonstrate to us that you are a good conceptual thinker?
- how can you demonstrate to us that you get stuff done?

3) You have a short telephone interview with us, where you can also ask any questions you might have about DELITELABS.

4) If we BOTH decide that DELITELABS is the right thing for you, you receive an invitation link to register for one of the 2 day JOYN bootcamps. Please note that we ask you to pay EUR 20 for the 2 day bootcamp. During these two days you will get introduced to the DELITELABS way of working and the DELITELABS spirit.

5) After the JOYN bootcamp you can decide to sign up for the full DELITELABS program that will support you for several months to build your business. Please check our webpage ( to see about the packages that we offer and how much they cost.

We do not share your data with anyone outside DELITELABS without your prior consent. Please send us an email if you have any questions and don't forget to also talk to your Klantmanager.

Have fun filling in the form! :)


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Why do you want to join DELITELABS?
What do you find most interesting about DELITELABS?
We would like to know your superpowers. What would you add to the DELITELABS community? (experiences, skills that your are proud of, dreams, ...)
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