Ignacio COVID19 Mutual Aid
Need assistance and you live within the So. Ute reservation, in the Town of Ignacio, Arboles, Breen, or even Hesperus? We are community members helping community members and our first priority is our vulnerable community members. Please fill this form out for yourself or for someone you know that needs essential items.
We do not discriminate against race, gender, age, status, etc. This form is for tracking purposes and we will protect your right to privacy.

Resources are limited and we want you to know that we are prioritizing elders and others who can't leave their homes and who can't afford to buy items to survive a few more days during this critical time.

We also are looking for those who wish to donate items as well. Please fill this form if you wish to donate.

You can pick up items every Saturday between 10:00am-12:00pm at the ELHI center in Ignacio. Or if you are an elder or a high risk individual, we can arrange for delivery.

Thank you.
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NEED ASSISTANCE: What essential items are you NEEDING? Please be very specific (ex: ground beef, canned soups, toilet paper, dish soap, etc.)
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Do you need items delivered to you? NOTE: Delivery is for elders and high risk individuals only. *
WANT TO HELP: If you can donate or help volunteer. Please be specific. And thank you for helping.
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If your donating items, can you drop them off at ELHI or can we pick them up?
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