Reimagining Mental Health Crisis Response in Erie County
We are conducting this survey as an opportunity to learn more from service providers about your experience, feelings, opinions, and ideas related to mental health crisis response in Erie County.

The City of Buffalo currently addresses mental health needs through the newly instituted co-responder Behavioral Health Team which is a team of both police and mental health workers, and by training some officers in Crisis Intervention. County officials are exploring the idea of diverting future 911 calls to a mobile Crisis Response Team that will respond without police. We would like your input on the idea of mental health professionals responding to mental health crises without police.

You can remain anonymous when taking this survey. The information gathered in this survey will be used to help us build a path toward a more just and equitable Erie County. The results of this survey will be used to inform public policy and is part of ongoing efforts to heal, restore trust, and strengthen Erie County.

The survey will close March 26th. Thank you for your time.  
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Please indicate your area of practice
Today, police officers are the first responders to many different situations that occur in the community. Some of these situations may be better suited for a response from other professionals whose training is dedicated to certain areas such as mental and physical healthcare. This section will capture feedback and insights on engaging non-police personnel as responders to different situations.
Have you, someone you know, or someone you have worked with had any contact with law enforcement as a result of a mental health crisis?  
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Without revealing client identifying information, please provide any insight gained from the experience.
How confident are you in the ability of police to respond to mental health emergencies?
No Confidence at All
Total Confidence
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What issues would be appropriate for trained crisis responders to address WITHOUT law enforcement?
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Somewhat Unfomfortable
Wellness check
Mental health crisis
Transport to hospital or respite services
Public intoxication/drug use
Person acting erratically
Suicidal ideation or attempt
Noise complaints
Domestic disputes
Missing persons
Traffic accident without injury
Human Trafficking
Drug sales
Suspicious persons
Animal attacks
Death notices
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If a mobile response team were to be created to respond to mental health emergencies, what types of providers should be included on the team?
Please identify any challenges that you foresee in regards to removing police from front-line mental health response and any potential solutions to these challenges.
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