Kindergarten Pre-registration for School Year 2021-22
Please use this form to submit some basic information about incoming Oak Grove Kindergarten students. This form is for a single student, so if you have more than one incoming Kindergarten student, please fill out this form again.

This form is only for people that live in the Oak Grove School District borders. If you do not live in our District, but you plan to move here, please do not fill out this form until you have an anticipated address and closing date.
Student First Name *
Student Last Name *
Student Gender *
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What is the home phone (land line) number for your family ? (xxx-xxx-xxxx) - leave blank if you do not have a land line.
Mother Cell Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
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Please note:
We want all of our students to feel welcome right away, and we do not want to mispronounce their name! If you think it would be helpful, please provide a phonetic spelling for your child's first and last name...thank you!
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